Sunday, May 1, 2011

* Here I Am

It appears I have taken an unexpected hiatus from blogging and art in general. I have been working on new things over the past 4 months, but not nearly as much as I have wanted or should have been. My job drains a lot of life out of me not to mention time which makes it very difficult to sit down and make new things.

BUT I have completed a few new paintings (to be posted later) but mostly have been working with my very good friend Michelle on a baby shower for our best friend Amy who is expecting her first child next month (next month already!?).

Amy and B.O.B.

Because they all live in Detroit and I live here some 2400 plus miles away in Oakland, Michelle and I have been working on the details for the baby shower over the past few months via emails and a lot of file sharing. Amy and Mike (the expecting parents) do not know the sex of their baby and Michelle and I came up with the gender neutral theme of whales for the shower. Michelle, of course, has done most of the work but here are my contributions to the shower and the Boddy's (Mike and Amy).

I made a print based off of the invitations that Michelle made. The whale print is being used as a centerpiece at the shower. The Jellyfish print is a personal piece that I did for the Boddy's to put in their nursery.

Whale Print Centerpiece and Jellyfish Print for Nursery

The original idea was for me to just decorate a box for Mike and Amy to put all their cards and books from the shower in. I wanted to do something that they could use afterward for the baby. I wanted to do a diaper bag, but my sewing machine skills for handbags have proved to produce bags "only a mother could love" and I would be that mother, not my poor unsuspecting friend. So, after an unsuccessful hunt for a bag to decorate I came across these fabric boxes at Target. The colors were dead on and they were cheap! All I had to do was cut and sew the felt designs on which went surprisingly fast (after finding a bent needle, if you want to do this do NOT use a regular straight sewing needle). The boxes fold flat, are completely durable and can now be used as a storage box for the baby after the shower. The best part was I got to make 2, a "boy" and "girl" version this way the design works no matter what.

Fabric Boxes for Bookcase - used at Baby Shower as a card/book box
Store bought fabric boxes and hand sewn felt whales and waves

Detail of Blue Box with Red Whale
Hand sewn Felt

Unfortunately, I did not get to attend the shower - all my friends and family are there so I will post photos later of what everything looked like in action. I also made Mike and Amy pins to wear, Amy getting the red whale with "Mom" sewn in the heart and Mike getting the blue whale with "Dad" sewn in the heart. I didn't get a good photo of the pins so I will post them later when the shower is over.

Congratulations Mike and Amy...can't wait to see the baby in July.

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