Saturday, May 22, 2010

Medicine Agency

The deadline for the Medicine Agency Group Show is approaching quickly and I have to say, I am feeling it.

Originally I wanted to do 5 new paintings. I couldn't think of a good idea of a theme, and then came up with a theme that didn't really turn out the way I wanted even after I started to paint my paintings. My initial count of 5 paintings quickly dropped to 4.

2.5 paintings into it, I like 1 painting, hate the second and am not feeling good things for the third, which any artist knows, only makes that piece cursed never to be finished (at least that is how I roll).

I then kept thinking back to these small sketches I have that I was originally saving for...well, I am not sure what the hell I was saving them for. Every time I think about these sketches, I get excited.

After a long debate, an overpriced trip to Target and wasting precious time to blog about it, I have decided to go forward with the 1 painting I finished that I like, make 1-2 completely NEW sketches/paintings, and show 1-2 of my piece from the La Luz show that didn't sell (something I generally don't like to do, but I DO love these paintings).

If you have made it to the end of this blog, show information is as follows:

Awesome Number One Big Fun Group Show!

Opening Reception 7pm - 11pm

Thursday, June 17th
Medicine Agency Gallery
1262 Mason Street, SF CA

Photos to come...

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