Sunday, April 18, 2010

New site!

Short post today just to let everyone know that I have made a new temporary site. Thanks to the (free) magic of carbonmade, I have been able to create a simple, clean and professional looking artist site to promote just my art. This is perfect for people who don't want to read my blah blah blah and just see the art.

Please visit the site here, and please make sure to check back on it frequently, as I plan to update it regularly as new art is created. It WILL NOT have any information as far as new shows or upcoming events. You will still have to come here or to my facebook (friend page only, haven't been able to bring myself to a "fan" page yet) for that information. Sorry.

Feed back is always welcomed, as I hope it will only improve the look of the site. Although I am sure I will just receive my usual comment from my friends running the Asian porn blog (see posting comment from 4/13, 3/31, 3/16...).