Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Houses and Sharks

I have been working on many new pieces recently, and have much to post. The first piece I did for a friend back in Michigan who just so happens to enjoy hammerheads.

"The Hammerhead" (title until I think of a better one, might let Natalie name it)
Acrylic on paper

This piece was a bit larger than paintings that I have been doing recently, so I was able to add in some more details that I can usually fit on my smaller pieces.

And, as my habit has been recently, I worked on a digital piece that was made from a sketch I did a while back.

House drawing from sketchbook
micron on paper

The finished piece.

"Floating House 4"

I will be posting the rest of me recently finished pieces later in the week along with some new gallery show information.

© laura borchert 2010