Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Paintings, Shows and Squirrels!

A lot to update today.

First off, I have three new paintings to share, which brings the end to a small series of paper paintings I was working on, 5 of which were in the group show which has now ended at La Luz.

Acrylic on paper

"Bulgarian Crisis"
Acrylic on paper

"Mantis in the Pulpit"
Acrylic on paper

In other gallery related news, as I mentioned above, the group show "Everything But The Kitsch 'N Sync" came down last weekend. I have to say, I always feel a slight panic when a show I am in ends. The need to hurry and find a new show to be in kinda clouds over me and at times months pass before I am doing anything new publicly. I have been lucky enough to have some new opportunities comes my way.

The first event is taking place later in April. The Compound Gallery in Oakland sadly closed recently, but is being transformed into something new. A new shop called Professor Squirrel will be opening in its place (ran by the same people of the Compound gallery, which is awesome cause they are awesome people). I have been asked by them to make some felt pins that I sold in the Holidayland group show at the Compound Gallery back in December.

The stores grand opening information is as follows:

Professor Squirrel
Grand opening Saturday April 17th
1167 65th Street
Oakland, CA
Regular Store hours: Thursdays - Sundays 12pm - 6pm

An online version of the store is currently up and running via the link above.

And lastly, I will be in another group show at the Medicine Agency Gallery in San Francisco. The opening reception is Thursday June 17th and I will be making all new work for this show. The details of the show are still being worked out, and as it is still 2 months away, I will be making a second post about this show as it draws near.

That is all for now, I will be posting my pins that will be for sale at Professor Squirrel sometime soon. If you live in Oakland or the Bay Area, please come and check out the shop in person. For those of you who live elsewhere, please check out the online shop!

© laura borchert 2010

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Houses and Sharks

I have been working on many new pieces recently, and have much to post. The first piece I did for a friend back in Michigan who just so happens to enjoy hammerheads.

"The Hammerhead" (title until I think of a better one, might let Natalie name it)
Acrylic on paper

This piece was a bit larger than paintings that I have been doing recently, so I was able to add in some more details that I can usually fit on my smaller pieces.

And, as my habit has been recently, I worked on a digital piece that was made from a sketch I did a while back.

House drawing from sketchbook
micron on paper

The finished piece.

"Floating House 4"

I will be posting the rest of me recently finished pieces later in the week along with some new gallery show information.

© laura borchert 2010