Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Bit of a Change - Kinda

Due to a conversation I had this evening, I was reminded that I have made digital art in the past and semi-recently. It is not, by any means, my preferred medium - however, I like doing it and I like learning the programs. Also, it is sometimes nice to have colors readily available instead of making 30 different of brown until I find the brown. Also "apple Z" is am amazing option and should apply to real life.

Saying that, I think I might like 2010 to be a year where I make digital art more, and by more that would require about...3 pieces, as I don't do it often and am kinda slow at it. BUT, in the mean time, please enjoy (or not) the pieces I have been working on recently (without wacom I would like to add, not that that makes them any better).

2009 - Illustrator

"lucky cat"
2009 - Illustrator

"A - Armadillo"
2009 - Illustrator

Personally, I think my armadillo needs some work, so I am going to work on that as my first digital assignment.

p.s. thanks to michelle "mad dawg" matiyow for helping me keep my files at a realist size, you are a life saver

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