Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 - for real?!

I suppose that almost a week after it has happened, a happy greeting to the new year is still acceptable. In celebration of the new year, I bring you new art!

"annus mirabilis 1666"

"the ribbon seal waits for no one"

"the haunting of husbands"

"recreational trawler"

"dr. S. returns"

Hope all is well in this new year!!

© laura borchert 2009


  1. i've followed you here. i love your stuff, i promise one day to commission/buy things. happy holy-shit-is-time-passing-this-fast-already,-we-aren't-even-old.

  2. THANKS!!

    i am glad to hold your interest!!
    keep checking back, i got more art coming

  3. your work is so good. i really like that octopus.