Friday, March 27, 2009

Easter, apparently

Apparently Easter is right around the corner, it changes too much for me to keep up to date. However, I was asked to make some easter bunnies of the stuffed variety for Eclectix. If you live in the East Bay area, head on over and check them out. I will be posting these on my etsy page as well.

These guy are about 7" tall and as you can see they come in pink, green and blue.

This guy here is a 10" version of the bunnies above & he comes in the same colors.

And this guy here is about 8" and only comes in white, sorry!

© laura borchert 2009


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  2. oh wait i should've READ before commenting, she did want those. the white one is adorable.... its a bunny version of lily... needs a couple patches of grey over the eyes